About Us

Meet Ultra Chem

ULTRA CHEM is a leading company in sales, marketing and distribution of chemical products and specialty chemicals. Representing major global producers, our sales people are market focused technical experts who offer solutions for customers problems utilizing our comprehensive and complementary product portfolio. We provide our partners with optimum tailored solutions for multi-territory distribution management in Mexico.

Through our people, their expertise and the creation of open and lasting partnerships, ULTRA CHEM is able to provide advice on formulation, production process and application, thus generating unrivalled growth for our partners.

ULTRA CHEM fulfills a value-adding function in the supply chain.

Our Business Model is characterized by:

Full-line product portfolio of industrial and specialty chemicals.
Strategically located warehouses in the country.
Several worldwide suppliers.
Mixing and blending according to customer specific requirements.
Formulating and technical support from dedicated application laboratories.
Providing just-in-time delivery.
Offering one-stop-shop solution.
Samples generation.
Laboratory testing.
Regulatory and Risk Management.