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Our range of Home Care products can make the difference.

ULTRA CHEM supplies a comprehensive range of surfactants, softeners, emulsions, high performance colorants, silicones and functional additives. More than that, we can also support you in developing formulations and launching products that meet the latest technical and market trends.

Our range of Home Care products can make the difference in:

  • Laundry detergents that improve the softness, comfort and feel of clothing.
  • Furniture polishes that deliver a protective, high-gloss shine with little elbow grease.
  • Window cleaners with better lubricity and easier “wipe off”
  • Tire dressings that make tires look like new.
  • Textile products with water and stain repellency.
  • Aerosol and liquid starches that provide non-stick, easy ironing.

Our products:

Specialties for Home Care

Our value-added services include:

Full-line product portfolio of industrial and specialty chemicals.
Strategically located warehouses in the country.
Formulating and technical support from dedicated application laboratories.
Providing just-in-time delivery.

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