Inks and Adhesives

Our technical “know-how” can help you to enhance your end-products.

ULTRA CHEM Inks portfolio includes polyamides, acrylics, nitrocellulose, UV monomers and oligomers and rosin esters, together with a wide range of pigments and additives for the production of all types of inks. Our technical know-how can help you to enhance your end-products to meet the changing ecological and technical requirements of the printing industry.

Furthermore ULTRA CHEM adhesives portfolio supplies all necessary resins, tackifiers and additives for of adhesives and sealants across a broad range of industries, from lightweight paper applications to heavy-duty engineering.

Our products:

Titanium Dioxide
Pine Derivatives
Epoxy hardeners, diluents and accelerators
Specialties for inks
Monomers and photoinitiators for UV
Adhesion promoters (silanes)
Resins for Coatings

Our value-added services include:

Full-line product portfolio of industrial and specialty chemicals.
Strategically located warehouses in the country.
Formulating and technical support from dedicated application laboratories.
Providing just-in-time delivery.

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